Satisfy Your Appetite for the Arts!

THIS Sunday, September 19th
Dine-in or Takeout*, Promo Code SPARC2021

  Order from Pizza Vita


Pizza Vita has always been a big supporter of the Summit community and the Summit Public Schools.  As a show of their support for the performing arts in our schools, Pizza Vita will generously be donating 20% of all proceeds from dine-in AND takeout sales this Sunday, September 19th to SPARC!


Now that's a win/win/win! By choosing Pizza Vita for lunch or dinner this Sunday, you are supporting the performing arts programs in our schools, supporting a local small business, and giving yourself a night off from the kitchen! 


If you choose to dine-in, simply tell your server you're a SPARC supporter and your purchase will be applied to this promotion. If you order takeout*, enter Promo Code SPARC2021 in Payment Method when checking out.


Then feel full and satisfied knowing your delicious meal is supporting young performers in the Summit Public Schools!


*NOTE: This promotion does NOT work with DoorDash, or other 3rd party delivery services.

All takeout orders must be placed through "Order Pickup" on Pizza Vita's website.

Order from Pizza Vita


What time is Pizza Vita open on Sunday, September 19th?
Pizza Vita is open from 11:30am-8pm.


Does the promotion work for lunch and dinner?
Yes! Any sale on Sunday, September 19th by a SPARC supporter is eligible for this promotion. Just don't forget to tell your server, or to enter Promo Code SPARC2021 when checking out online.

Are there other options besides pizza?

Yes! Pizza Vita has a full menu of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts as well as delicious pizza.


Can I order through Door Dash?

No! In order for this promotion to benefit SPARC, takeout orders must be placed through "Order Pickup" on Pizza Vita's website and you must enter promo code SPARC2021 when checking out. Or, you can eat at the restaurant and tell your server you are a SPARC supporter.

So, wait, how does it work again?

On Sunday, September 19th, go to Pizza Vita, or place a takeout order using "Order Pickup" on Pizza Vita's website. If dining in, tell your server you are a SPARC supporter to make sure your purchase is credited to this promotion. If ordering takeout, remember to use Promo Code SPARC2021 at check out.

Order from Pizza Vita